Current or past alcohol dependence; may meet criteria for alcohol abuse. After placebo treatment, three people drank five beers and one drank six. Before the second, they took either 1,200 milligrams of puerarin or identical-looking placebo pills for a week. They came to the lab and could drink as much as they wanted, up to six beers. More remedies are needed to help drinkers who overdo it cut down, Penetar says. The medications approved for treating alcohol abuse and dependence don’t work for everyone, he says.

It is suggested that miltirone is the likely active constituent of S. Miltiorrhiza responsible for the reducing effect of its extracts on alcohol intake in different experimental models of excessive alcohol consumption. Kudzu extract treatment does not increase the intoxicating effects of acute alcohol in human volunteers.

Effects of elevated female sex steroids on ethanol and acetaldehyde metabolism in humans.

Kudzu root is an edible part of a climbing vine that’s native to many Asian countries. It’s been used for health purposes in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a really long time. “We suspect it may work because it increases blood flow,” he says. “It may deliver alcohol to the brain’s reward center faster. So you get an effect sooner; kudzu extract for alcoholism therefore, you don’t drink as much.” During the week of puerarin treatment, they drank slightly less than during the placebo week — three drinks a day compared to 3.4. For a final session, they took whichever pill they didn’t take the first time. They took it for a week, then went to the lab again for a drinking session.

What is the first line of treatment for alcoholism?

Naltrexone — For most newly diagnosed patients with moderate or severe alcohol use disorder, we suggest initial treatment with naltrexone. Naltrexone is our preferred choice due to its preferable dosing schedule and the ability to begin treatment for alcohol use disorder while the individual is still drinking.

Subjects cannot be actively seeking treatment for any drug or alcohol dependence. On average, the men and women drank 3.5 beers after placebo and 2.4 after puerarin.

Treatment guidelines according to the main patterns of disharmony

One study in mice found that kudzu vine extract had a positive effect in the treatment of liver damage by boosting the natural antioxidant system. In a small case study, researchers found that isoorientin, a compound isolated from kudzu root, is capable of boosting antioxidant levels and reducing inflammation in mice with swollen paws. According to a 2019 animal study, kudzu root may also help regulate blood sugar levels by inhibiting PTP1B, a diabetes-related protein.